19 Years BBY

Prologue: Dark Matters

-1 to 3 Years ABY

Xar Runis' Biography

7 to 9 Years ABY

Betrayal: Ar'Kell's First Mission

Past Reckonings, Future Portents

Shadows of the Past (alternate universe)

An Unexpected Visitor (Run-on)

The Flight of Ar'Kell

10 to 11 Years ABY

The Krri'Graq Confrontation


Grave Affairs

11 Years ABY

The Search for Kurt (Run-on)

Glimpse of Shadows

The Clandestine Conflict (Run-on)

12 Years ABY

The Return


Turning Point (JKA)

The Search for Xar (Run-on)

Shadow Revealed

Tides of War

Unwanted Reunion (JKA)

The Return to Mizar (Run-on)

Ancients Waiting

Traveler on Trial (JKA)

13 Years ABY

Upon My Death (JKA)

Into the Nebula (JKA, forthcoming)


14 Years ABY


Darkening Skies

Path of Fury

Shattered Visions

Fading Glory



Sins of the Father (JKA, forthcoming)

15 Years ABY

The End of Dreams (forthcoming)

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