The Galbagos Nebula was a massive purple and pink-colored emission nebula that dominated two whole quadrants of Epsilon Sector. It was originally constructed by the Kajeat Travelers at the conclusion of the Dark War, when they sealed away the evil Kajeat named Malduke who started the war. They placed him in a cell inside a fortress on a remote planet, then constructed the nebula so that it would continually expand over the next 75,000 years, until the time the New Imperium moved in and created a new government in the sector. By that time, even one of the NI capital systems, Erebria, had been enveloped by the nebula.

The Galbagos Nebula typically interfered with the sensors and shields of ships passing through it, making travel inside very dangerous. Nevertheless, the Altarin'Dakor passed through the nebula to perform scouting and strike missions inside the NI. A team sent by interim Diktat Arfann Dogar penetrated the nebula to find out what lay inside, and discovered the remains of the Star Destroyer Virulence, encountered AD forces and strange, robotic guardians of the systems inside, and finally found and freed Malduke on an isolated planet deep inside. The Altarin'Dakor also used the nebula from which to strike at Erebria and took the system during the war in 14 ABY.


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